Q: Can a firm assist a client in establishing a line of credit to cover litigation expenses?

A: Yes, if the client consents and the terms are fair and reasonable. Ariz. Op. 01-07.

Supremely Satisfied

Hon. Fred Martone left the Arizona Supreme Court to return to the trial court work he loves. Read about his new position as a U.S. District Court Judge.

A Moment on Marketing Strategy

Have you ever thought about how a company like Starbucks attracts so many customers into its stores? Is it due to effective marketing and store visibility?

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And the Survey Says...
Do you know what is the average hourly billing rate of Arizona attorneys? This question and more are answered in the Economics of Law Practice in Arizona. Order your copy here.

Master Advocate Institute Series with NITA: Ambushes and Minefields in the Courtroom
Experienced and successful practitioners understand that it is as important to avoid mistakes during trial as it is to execute a brilliant trial strategy.
(Course # 02019-319).

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Peoria wants police free from jury duty
Peoria officials believe police officers belong on the streets, not in a crowded room. So the city wants the state to exempt every Arizona law enforcement officer from jury service.

Lawyers give time, money to make Arizona better
The amount of time and money lawyers donate to help those in need is impressive.

ABA House Gives Thumbs up to MJP
A proposal to ease restrictions on practicing law across state lines sailed through the ABA House of Delegates
Read ABA's final report...

MJP Being Studied in Arizona


Free Case Law and Automated Forms for Members!
With its new LexisNexis partnership, the State Bar of Arizona is now offering its members free and discounted access to trusted legal research directly from its website.

Tucson Conference Focuses on Children
The "Youth, Voice & Power" in Tucson on Oct. 11-13, 2002, will bring together academics, judges and practitioners to share their perspectives on public policy relating to children.Read more...

Public Asked for Input on Superior Court Candidates
The Maricopa County Commission on Trial Court Appointments is asking for
public input on 10 candidates for a vacancy on the Maricopa County Superior
Court.


Arizona Court of Appeals - Division One

August 8, 2002 - CV 01-0520 - Higginbottom v. State Bar of Arizona
Does the parol evidence rule prevent A.R.S. � 5-101.01(B) from being considered in determining the true nature of the "Fixed Term" appointment agreement between the governor and the director of the Arizona department of racing?

July 9, 2002 - CR 00-0781 - State v. Paxon
Did the trial court abuse its discretion when it precluded as "speculative" the testimony of an expert witness for a criminal defendant that the probability of the occurrence versus non-occurrence of a superseding event was "equally unknown?"

9th Circuit Court of Appeals

August 12, 2002 - No. 00-16896, Whitmire v. State of Arizona
A prison policy, prohibiting same-sex kissing and hugging of non-family members during prison visits, is not on its face reasonably related to legitimate penological interests.

August 15, 2002 - No. 01-30059 - US v. Gonzales
A random search of a government employee's backpack, as he left a U.S. Air Force base exchange, was reasonable based on the employee's expectation of privacy, justification, and scope.