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Q: Can a former government lawyer represent a private client involved with a state agency for which the former government lawyer previously worked?

A: Yes, as long as the lawyer was not "personally and substantially" involved on the same matter when in government employment. Ariz. Op. 02-05.

Independent Counsel

After 20 years of issuing opinions from the Arizona Supreme Court, Justice Stanley Feldman has returned to private practice.
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Criminal Justice Agencies Beg County to Avoid Cuts
The leaders of Maricopa County's three largest criminal justice agencies banded together in a pre-emptive strike against potential budget cuts.

Governor Appoints Andrew Hurwitz to Arizona Supreme Court
Attorney Andrew Hurwitz will soon be sworn-in as the newest justice of the Arizona Supreme Court. Read more...

SEC Modifies Rules but Lawyers Still in Crosshairs
Corporate lawyers breathed a collective sigh of relief when the Securities and Exchange Commission adopted a relatively narrow slate of new rules governing attorneys who advise public companies. But their relief may prove short-lived. Read more...

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State Bar's "Law School for Legislators" is Well Attended
With a major budget crisis hanging over their heads, 45 state senators and representatives received a crash course in the law thanks to the State Bar.
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Arizona Court of Appeals
Division One Division Two

January 30, 2003 - CR 01-0447 - State v. Mitchell
May a suspect who has already been handcuffed commit the crime of resisting arrest?
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January 28, 2003 - 2 CA-CR 2001-0403 - State v. Abraham David Sepahi
Did the trial court err in classifying defendant's aggravated assault offenses as dangerous crimes committed against a child and, accordingly, imposing consecutive sentences pursuant to A.R.S. � 13-604.01(K)? Read opinion...

9th Circuit Court of Appeals

January 29, 2003 - No. 01-17535/17554 - Shapiro v. Paradise Valley Unified Sch. Dist.
By failing to include a teacher and parents in an individualized education program meeting, a school district denied a deaf student a free appropriate public education under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, thus parents are entitled to reimbursement for private school costs. Read opinion...

January 28, 2003 - No. 01-57095 - Brother Records, Inc. v. Jardine
In a Lanham Act trademark infringement action, defendant used a mark in a secondary, trademark sense to denote a music band, thus the classic fair use defense does not apply, and a nominative fair use argument fails where defendant used the mark to suggest sponsorship or endorsement by the trademark holder.
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