Ethics Q&A
Q: May a law firm have a booth at a business expo or convention?

A: Yes, as long as the visitors to the booth initiate contact and there is no reason to believe that attendees of the expo will have any particular vulnerability that would preclude contact. Ariz. Op. 02-08.

Please Release Me

Whether called releases, waivers of liability or assumption of risk agreements, they are something often disfavored by Arizona courts. Read why.

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Chief Justice Assails Legislative Measures
Chief Justice Charles Jones is concerned about legislators who, he says, are trying to curb the authority and independence of the judicial branch. Read more...

Supreme Court Upholds Tribal Lawsuit Rights
In an Arizona case involving the White Mountain Apache Tribe, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the government can be sued for allowing buildings on Indian land to fall into disrepair. Read more...

House Passes Malpractice Lawsuit Limits
The U.S. House of Representatives approves limits on medical malpractice damages. Read more...

Reaction from the ABA


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State Bar members are invited to attend the Chief Justice's State of the Judiciary Address on Thursday, March 27 in Phoenix.
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Board Considers MJP Task Force Proposal
The State Bar of Arizona Board of Governors is accepting comments on an admission on motion rule by the Multijurisdictional Practice Task Force. Read more...

Arizona Court of Appeals
Division One Division Two

March 12, 2003 - CR02-0431RT - State v. Lucero
Does reaching a place of temporary safety presumptively terminate the immediate flight from an armed robbery such that a death occurring thereafter did not occur during immediate flight from the robbery?
Read opinion...

March 6, 2003 - CV02-0199 - American Casualty v. Withers
Can a general contractor be a claimant on a payment bond under which it is also the obligee? Read opinion...

9th Circuit Court of Appeals

March 13, 2003 - No. 02-15385 - Brown v. California DOT
The California Department of Transportation's policy of permitting an individual to display U.S. flags, but no other expressive banners, on highway overpasses (non-public fora) constitutes unreasonable viewpoint discrimination in violation of the First Amendment. Read opinion...

March 11, 2003 - No. 02-10296 - U.S. v. Nostratis
Defendant understood English well enough to comprehend a plea agreement so that a guilty plea was knowing and voluntary, thus denial of a motion to withdraw the plea is affirmed. Read opinion...