Ethics Q&A
Q: Can a lawyer verify a pleading for a client?

A: Yes if the lawyer complies with applicable statutes and realizes that the lawyer may then become a witness in the proceeding that could cause a conflict of interest. Read Ariz. Op. 03-01.

Focus on Securities Law

Financial fraud has taken center stage in the last year. Two authors provide law updates and suggestions for the future. Read the article.

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Calendaring (So You Can Sleep at Night)

Dual calendaring system helps you stay on schedule, meet deadlines. Read more...

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Legal Ethics Can Be Fun!
An enjoyable and thought-provoking presentation by Larry Cohen on May 29th will not only get you those elusive three hours of ethics, but review, in a fun way, ethics rules.
Read More.

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Jailed Spanish Speakers Get Raw Deal, JPs Say
Valley justices of the peace say that Spanish speakers are getting unequal justice, because of an ill-advised budget cut.

Truth About Law School Class Rankings
When you're job hunting, what's better: being in the top 10 at a second-tier school, or in the bottom half at a top 10 school? Read more...

Presiding Judge Wants DUI Cases Resolved Faster
Maricopa County's Presiding Judge issues directive to resolve DUI cases in no more than six months. Read more...


State Bar Board Votes Against Admission by Motion Proposal
At its April 25 meeting, the State Bar Board of Governors voted against a proposal that recommended acceptance of Admission by Motion. Read more.

Non-Profit Task Force Submits Final Report
A State Bar Task Force that studied oversight of Arizona non-profit agencies concludes that the current process should not change. Read more.

Meet the Board of Governors Candidates
Eighteen attorneys are running for 11 seats on the State Bar Board of Governors. Ballots will be mailed on or about April 30th to active and judicial members in these districts.
Meet the candidates.

Arizona Court of Appeals
Division One Division Two

April 24, 2003 - CR 02-0007 - State v. Davis
Whether the trial court abused its discretion in not permitting defendant to present evidence of third-party culpability.
Read opinion...

April 22, 2003 - 2 CA-JV 2002-0069 - Cheree L. v. Ades & Precious L.
May a parent of an Indian child under the Indian Child Welfare Act, 25 U.S.C. �� 1901 through 1963 (ICWA), who has consented to termination of his or her parental rights in conjunction with the child's adoption by specific individuals, withdraw that consent in accordance with ICWA when the individuals later refuse to adopt the child?
Read opinion...

9th Circuit Court of Appeals

April 24, 2003 - No. 01-71857 - Vernazza v. SEC
SEC findings, that investment advisers and associates falsely represented that they received no referral fees and had no financial interest in any recommendations made to clients, were supported by substantial evidence. Read opinion...

April 21, 2003 - No. 01-10435/10440 - US v. Etimani
Under 18 U.S.C. section 3509, setting the procedure by which an alleged child victim can testify, a television monitor projecting the defendant's image does not need to be in the child's direct field of vision.
Read opinion...