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Q: Can lawyers from other states who are working in Arizona awaiting admission here draft pleadings, meet with clients and perform legal services?

A: Yes, with a) supervision by an Arizona lawyer; and b) appropriate disclosures to clients that the person is only admitted in another jurisdiction Read Ariz. Op. 96-06.

How Lawyers Sabotage Themselves

Poor work relationships can turn your world upside-down. Lawyer and executive coach John Kaminsky suggests ways to minimize strife and to keep those relationships effective.
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ABA Delegates OK Changes in Confidentiality Rule
In the hopes of combating corporate fraud, the ABA's House of Delegates changed model rules governing attorney-client privilege. Read more...

Read Arizona's confidentiality Rule, effective December 1, 2003

Court Orders Deportation but Declares it ‘Pointless’
The 9th Circuit Court says a man who was smuggled into the United States as a baby must be deported, but the Court calls its own decision "pointless and unjust." Read more...

Justice Kennedy Against Minimum Prison Terms
Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy says he favors scrapping the practice of setting mandatory minimum sentences for some federal crimes. Read more...


Apply For a Vacancy on the Maricopa County Superior Court
Apply For a Vacancy on the Maricopa County Superior Court. Read more.

Archer Becomes First African American ABA President
Former Detroit Mayor Dennis W. Archer begins a one-year term as president of the American Bar Association. Archer announced one of his first initiatives, aimed at helping U.S. service members. Read more.

Board of Governors Agendas Online
Find out what's on the agenda for upcoming State Bar of Arizona Board of Governors meetings. The Bar is now posting the Board agendas on its Web site to keep you informed of upcoming issues. Read more.

Arizona Court of Appeals
Division One Division Two

August 5, 2003 - CV 02-0281 - Simms v. Napolitano
Does the Arizona Department of Gaming have the implied power to refuse to allow an applicant for gaming certification to withdraw his application? Read opinion...

July 31, 2003 - 2 CA-CR 2001-0491 - State v. Lenny M. Box
May a police officer stop a vehicle and detain the driver for a suspected traffic violation not committed in that officer's presence but observed and reported by another officer in light of A.R.S. §§ 28-1594 and 13-3883(B) and article II, § 8 of the Arizona Constitution?
Read opinion...

9th Circuit Court of Appeals

August 7, 2003 - No. 02-10324 - US v. Alvarez-Farfan
The district court abused its discretion in preventing a jury from comparing handwriting on documents, and such error was not harmless to defendant's conviction for distribution of methamphetamine under 21 U.S.C. section 841. Read opinion...

August 5, 2003 - No. 01-57136 - Broudo v. Dura Pharms., Inc.
A complaint satisfied the loss causation element of a Section 10(b) violation of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934 with respect to a device for asthma medication delivery, and the district court abused its discretion in not permitting plaintiffs to amend the complaint to include additional allegations regarding antibiotic sales.
Read opinion...