Ethics Q&A
Q: May a lawyer ethically sign a Release or Settlement Agreement that requires the lawyer to indemnify or hold harmless the Releases from any liens asserted against a client's settlement funds?

A: No, because such an agreement exposes the lawyer to potential personal liability for payment of liens and thus creates a conflict of interest under ER 1.7. Read Ariz. Op. 03-05.

Notarize This!

Lawyers rarely know exactly what they are requesting when they utter these words. Terri L. Clarke takes you through the requirements for notarization--and shows where your processes may have put your practice at risk. Read the article.

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New Book Sheds Light on Electronic Evidence
A new book by United States Attorney Michael Arkfeld details the discovery, production and admissibility of electronic evidence including the laws and procedures for admitting evidence in your case. More info.

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Ninth Circuit Ruling Addresses Psychiatrists' Testimony Against Patients
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court ruled that psychiatrists can't testify against patients who make dangerous or threatening confessions. Read more...

State Child Porn Law Upheld
The Arizona Court of Appeals, upholds the state's controversial child pornography law. Read more...

Supreme Court to Review Miranda Warning
The U.S. Supreme Court will hear appeals in three cases involving the court's 37-year-old mandate that police officers advise suspects of their rights. Read more...


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The new Rules of Professional conduct go into effect December 1st. It's the biggest revision in 20 years. Are you ready? The Bar has a variety of CLE courses to get you up to speed. Check them out.

Florence Project Needs Your Help
The Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project has an opening for a half-time pro bono coordinator. Help Arizona's indigent immigrants and refugees receive legal representation. Learn more.

Arizona Court of Appeals
Division One Division Two

August 19, 2003 - JV 03-0028-AB - In re: B.S.
Did the juvenile court err by denying a pregnant minor's petition for a judicial bypass of the parental consent requirement for an abortion? Read opinion...

August 12, 2003 - 2 CA-CV 2002-0087 - Torrez v. Knowlton; Dupnik
Does a sheriff's deputy incur civil liability for false arrest when the deputy arrests a person on a warrant that was quashed several months before the arrest but the clerk of the court failed to notify the sheriff's office that it had been quashed?
Read opinion...

9th Circuit Court of Appeals

August 21, 2003 - No. 02-16744/16942 - Ecanchyk v. Stewart
Petitioner's federal due process rights were violated where instructions allowed a jury to convict petitioner of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder under Arizona law, without requiring a finding of an intent to kill; re-trial is permissible. Read opinion...

August 22, 2003 - No. 02-10506 - US v. Leon-Paz
An Immigration Judge deprived defendant of due process where he incorrectly advised defendant on his eligibility for relief, thus a conviction for reentry into the U.S. after deportation is vacated and remanded for determination of prejudice.
Read opinion...