Q: Is it ethical to store client information on computer systems that are used to connect to the Internet?

A: It is not unethical as long as the attorney/firm takes reasonable steps to assure that the information is not disclosed to third parties through theft or inadvertence. Read ER 05-04.

Need ethics advice? Call the State Bar's Ethics Hotline at 602-340-7284.

Cultural Exchange
Jie Chen is a partner in a Chinese law firm. We spoke with her on her nationwide tour of U.S. law firms. Read more.

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Parting Shots Hits Target
Property issues, spousal maintenance, discovery and more will be covered for domestic relations practitioners during this all-day seminar on Sept. 1, 2005. Read more.

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Court: Review Drug Cases, Bias Claims
The Arizona Court of Appeals ordered a Coconino County judge to reconsider drug charges brought against minority motorists who accused the DPS of stopping them because of their race. Read more.

Law Agencies Cool to New 'Coyote' Law
A new Arizona statute on human smuggling has given the state's prosecutors a tool to go after "coyotes," or smugglers. But not all law enforcement agencies are in a hurry to go after them. Read more.

Concern Over Federal Court Construction Costs
Cost overruns at the federal courthouses in Phoenix and Tucson were partly to blame for a two-year halt on building U.S. courts nationwide. Read more.

Court Considers Change in Rule-Making Process
The Arizona Supreme Court is seeking public comment on a proposal to consider rule petitions once a year. Read more.

Bar Offers First-Ever Spanish Language and Culture Program in Mexico
Attorneys can learn language proficiency, Mexican culture and basics of the Mexican legal system during this five-day CLE course October 17-21, 2005. Read more.

Deadline Extended for Supreme Court Committees
The Arizona Supreme Court is seeking volunteers for two committees. The deadline to apply is August 26. Read more.

Arizona Court of Appeals
Division One Division Two

August 18, 2005 - CV 04-0507 - Mobile Community v. Maricopa County
Is the two-thirds majority vote requirement of A.R.S. � 11-824 satisfied by a three-to-one vote when one member of the board of supervisors is disqualified from voting? Read opinion.

August 18, 2005 - JV 04-0165 - Monica C. v. ADES
Is a parent entitled to a new termination hearing when a notice of trial by jury is not provided? Read opinion.

9th Circuit Court of Appeals
August 16, 2005 - No. 04-10213 - U.S. v. Williams
An officer may order a passenger, who voluntarily gets out of a lawfully stopped vehicle, back into the automobile without violating the passenger's Fourth Amendment rights. Read opinion.

August 12, 2005 - No. 04-35028 - Stead v. U.S.
The taxpayer bears the risk of loss when funds on deposit at a bank for practical purposes disappear after being levied upon by the Internal Revenue Service and removed from a tax-payer's bank account. Read opinion.