Q: May I reveal client confidences to defend myself if I get a Bar complaint?

A: Yes, to the extent you reasonably believe necessary. Depending on the circumstances, you may need to request a protective order. Read ER 1.6(d)(4).

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Lawyers Lend a Hand
In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Arizona lawyers gave legal assistance to evacuees uprooted from their homes. Read more.

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Ethical Morning at the Movies
This 3-hour seminar on December 2 looks at the new ethics rules (two years later) and their quirks. We�ll supply the popcorn! Read more.

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AZ Legal Group Prepares for Christmas Battle
A Christian legal group based in Scottsdale is among the organizations that are preparing for conflict over Christmas observances by cities and public schools. Read more.

County Attorney: No Courts for Spanish Speakers, Indians
Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, joined by state Rep. Russell Pearce, wants to abolish courts in the county that focus on Spanish speakers, American Indians and the homeless. Read more.

Cameras in Supreme Court Gains Momentum
Influential senators predict passage soon of legislation that would open the doors of the Supreme Court to regular broadcast coverage of its proceedings. Read more.

Bar Requests Home Zip Codes
The State Bar is asking members to supply their home 9-digit zip code. It�s part of the Bar�s effort to better serve members with information about the Arizona legislature. Read more.

Member-to-Member Referral Guide
Sign up now to advertising in the State Bar�s 2006 Member-to-Member Referral Guide. It can help bring you new business through referrals from other attorneys. Read more.

New Classifieds Online
New! Arizona Attorney online classifieds are now posted in a searchable format. You may choose a category to narrow your search, or search by keyword. Read more.

Arizona Court of Appeals
Division One Division Two

November 1, 2005 � SA 05-0187 � State v. Jones/Phipps
Is evidence of refusal to perform field sobriety tests admissible in a DUI prosecution? Read opinion.

November 10, 2005 � 2 CA-CR 2005-0026 � State v. Keith
May the state prove a defendant�s prior conviction for purposes of enhancing the defendant�s sentence after the original jury is dismissed without violating the Fifth Amendment�s prohibition against double jeopardy? Read opinion.

9th Circuit Court of Appeals
November 7, 2005 � No. 04-30516 � US v. Ruiz
Denial of defendant's motion to suppress evidence is affirmed where the resident of a home had apparent authority to consent to a warrantless search of a gun case found in the home. Read opinion.

November 8, 2005 � No. 03-16538, 04-15743 � Rains v. Flinn
District court in a bankruptcy case erred in ruling that an appeal of the judgment enforcing a settlement agreement was untimely; however, entry of judgment on the settlement in favor of the trustee is affirmed. Read opinion.