Q: My partner and I are the name partners in our law firm, but he just got suspended for 30 days. Do I have to change the law firm�s name and stationary during this time?

A: Yes. Otherwise, you are making a material misrepresentation because your partner cannot practice law during his suspension. Read ERs 7.1 and 7.5.

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Discipline Dissected
Read a hypothetical story that illuminates every step of the discipline process. Read the article.

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Alito: Courts Should Follow Precedents
Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito today reaffirmed his respect for precedent as he sought a careful distinction on how he would rule on abortion if confirmed. Read more.

DUI Courts Overhauled to Be Faster
The Arizona Supreme Court unveiled a series of recommendations to speed up the time it take for DUI cases to get through the court system. Read more.

Neurologists Revamp Expert Witness Guidelines
The American Academy of Neurology has revamped its expert witness guidelines to call for tougher expert credentials and warn against doctors advocating for lawyers. Read more.

Web Discipline Verification Period To Begin
All State Bar members will receive a letter next week that describes how they can review their new online discipline record, if any exists, before the program goes live. Read more.

Board Proposes MCLE and Dues Changes
The State Bar filed a petition with the Arizona Supreme Court to change dues and MCLE requirements for retired and inactive members, and to eliminate the �over 70� exemption from dues and MCLE. Read more.

Wills For Heroes Debuts at News Conference
The State Bar officially unveils its Wills for Heroes program at a news conference on Saturday, Jan. 14. Read more.

Arizona Court of Appeals
Division One Division Two

January 3, 2006 � CV 04-0264 � Chaurasia v. General Motor
Was there a breach of the limited express warranty and the implied warranty? Read opinion.

January 9, 2006 � 2 CA-JV 2005-0021 � In re Jeremiah T.
Is the offense of assault by knowingly touching another person with the intent to injure, insult or provoke (A.R.S. � 13-1203(A)(3)), a lesser-included offense of assault by intentionally, knowingly or recklessly causing physical injury to another person (� 13-1203(A)(1))? Read opinion.

9th Circuit Court of Appeals
January 5, 2006 � No. 04-55830 � Williams v. Runnels
Denial of defendant's habeas corpus petition from a robbery conviction is vacated and the case remanded for reconsideration of a Batson challenge to prosecutorial use of peremptory challenges where the district court failed to properly weigh the import of defendant's showing of statistical disparity. Read opinion.

January 3, 2006 � No. 04-30339 � U.S. v. Adams
Defendant's sentence and a fine imposed pursuant to a plea agreement on drug related charges are vacated where defendant's guilty plea was not knowing, voluntary and intelligent in light of the district court's failure to inform defendant that he was subject to a mandatory fine under the sentencing guidelines. Read opinion.