Q: Do my clients need to consent before I begin negotiating to sell my law practice?

A: No. You may release minimal client information without client consent to a prospective purchaser. Read Ethics Opinion 06-01.

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Legal Fiction
Attorney Michele M. Feeney won the magazine�s Creative Arts Competition for fiction. Read �Moses Basket� and discover why. Read more.


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Justice Ginsburg Concerned by Plan for Court Watchdog
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg says a proposal in Congress to set up a watchdog over the federal courts is a "really scary idea." Read more.

Harvard Study Assesses Validity of Malpractice Claims
A Harvard analysis of medical malpractice claims sheds light on the hotly debated issue that pits trial lawyers against doctors, with lawmakers in the middle. Read more.

U of A Names Center after Justice Rehnquist
A new research center at the University of Arizona will be named after the late U.S. Chief Justice William Rehnquist, who taught courses at the school as a visiting jurist. Read more.

State Bar of Arizona Announces 2006 Award Winners
The State Bar of Arizona will recognize 14 people for their contributions to the legal profession at the annual convention in June. Read more.

Fair and Impartial Courts - Important Seminar

For the past nine months the State Bar has been discussing the importance of keeping our Courts fair and impartial. Our education efforts continue at the State Bar convention with this important program and a prestigious panel of faculty. Read more.

Lawyer Regulation Publishes 2005 Annual Report
The State Bar's Lawyer Regulation department has released the 2005 annual report of lawyer discipline. Read more.

Arizona Court of Appeals
Division One
| Division Two

May 4, 2006 � CV 04-0436 � Salib v. Mesa
Does a city ordinance violate the free speech provisions of the First Amendment and Arizona Constitutions by limiting how much of a business�s windows can be covered by advertising signs? Read opinion.

May 10, 2006 � 2 CA-CR 2004-0362 � State v. Machado
Does an individual who is married to but not living with or engaging in sexual activity with his or her spouse meet the definition of "spouse" in A.R.S. � 13-1401(4)�"a person who is legally married and cohabiting"? Read opinion.

9th Circuit Court of Appeals

May 9, 2006 � No. 04-55647 � Moran v. Selig
Summary judgment for defendants on Title VII and battery claims brought by former professional baseball players alleging racial discrimination in the provision of medical and supplemental income benefits to certain retired African-American players is affirmed. Read opinion.

May 8, 2006 � No. 05-50136 � US v. Torres-Hernandez
In the context of Sixth Amendment fair cross-section claims, a district court need not and may not take into account Hispanics who are ineligible for jury service to determine whether Hispanics are underrepresented on grand jury venires. A district court must rely on that evidence which most accurately reflects the judicial district�s actual percentage of jury-eligible Hispanics. Read opinion.

Legal Ethics Can Be Fun!
Fun, informative, fast-paced. This seminar gets you those elusive three hours of ethics credit! Read more.

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