Q. I'm certified as a specialist by a national organization, but not by the State Bar. Can I call myself a specialist?

A: You can under certain conditions. The national organization must be recognized by the Arizona Board of Legal Specialization. Read ER 7.4(a).

New State Bar Leader
Jimmie D. Smith is the newest State Bar President, its 74th. Read about the hard road he took to become a lawyer--and an expert on all things Yuma. Read more.


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Legal Teams Formed in 'Serial Shooter' Case
Deputy Maricopa County Public Defender Garrett Simpson learned he had been assigned to defend one of the men accused in the "Serial Shooter" case, about 10 minutes before he walked into the suspect's jailhouse news conference. Read more.

In Case of Emergency: Will Your Company Be Prepared?
Power outages, natural disasters, computer attacks. Are general counsel and their companies now any better prepared to handle emergencies? Here are seven steps for GCs to follow and a legal primer to keep handy. Read more.

Emerging Med-Mal Strategy: 'I'm Sorry'
Doctors' apologies for medical mistakes may not be a cure-all for litigation, but explaining unforeseen outcomes and making early settlement offers have proven effective. Read more.

2006-07 State Bar Membership Directory – Order Now!
Every active State Bar member receives one annual Membership Directory free of charge. But do you have enough for your office staff, or an extra copy for yourself? Order now to be sure you're not caught short. Order now.

Ethics Tips From the Experts
Watch for the September issue of Arizona Attorney magazine, which will introduce a new monthly column that aims to help in your practice. "Bar Counsel Insider" is written by bar counsel in the Lawyer Regulation Office, and examines ethical issues that they encounter again and again. And as always, if you have specific questions on ethics, call the State Bar's Ethics Hotline at 602-340-7284.

Lawyer Needed for Committee on Examinations
Applications are being accepted for one vacancy on the Arizona Supreme Court Committee on Examinations. Apply by August 23. Read more.

Arizona Court of Appeals
Division One
| Division Two

July 27, 2006 – IC 05-0058 – Schuck v. Industrial Commission
Does the equal measure rule preclude consideration of a specific type of employment available to Claimant post-injury (in this case, self-employment) that was not engaged in pre-injury? Read opinion.

August 4, 2006 – 2 CA-CV 2006-0052 – Griffis v. Pinal County, Phoenix Newspapers
Are personal e-mails sent or received by a government employee presumptively "public records" and, therefore, presumptively open to inspection under Arizona's Public Records Law, A.R.S. � 39-121, simply because the e-mails were transmitted and are retained on a government-owned computer system? Read opinion.

9th Circuit Court of Appeals

August 7, 2006 – No. 04-56103 – Newman v. County of Orange
In the context of a civil rights case alleging malicious prosecution, the fact that a plaintiff's version of an incident conflicts with that of the law enforcement officers involved is not enough to defeat the presumption that a prosecutor exercises independent judgment in choosing to file charges. A plaintiff who presents only such evidence cannot survive summary judgment on a malicious prosecution claim. Read opinion.

August 7, 2006 – No. 04-55747 – Silver v. Executive Car Leasing
A decision upholding the denial of plaintiff's claim for disability benefits under an ERISA-governed policy is reversed where a finding that plaintiff was not entitled to benefits under a policy because he had recovered from his disability within the 90-day elimination period was clearly erroneous. Read opinion.

Twenty Ways to Avoid Discipline
Learn the most common reasons for a bar complaint at this three-hour ethics seminar on Thursday, Aug. 17th. Read more.

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