Q: Can I limit the scope of representation to ghostwriting a document for a client?
A: Yes. Read Ethics Op. 06-03.

Your Malpractice Insurance Policy
By 2007, a new directive by the Arizona Supreme Court will require publication of whether a lawyer carries professional liability insurance. We explain what to look for in a policy. Read more.


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Chief Justices Sound Alarm on Judicial Elections
Voicing "grave concern" over increasingly partisan and costly campaigns, the nation's state chief justices are launching a campaign to emphasize the "unique nature" of judicial elections. Read more.

E-Discovery Zero Hour Approaches
Although its still three months until the start date of the new electronic-discovery procedural rules, lawyers who haven't devised a plan with clients may be losing a race against time. Read more.

9th Circuit Rejects Claim that Judge Had Conflict
Ninth Circuit Judge Harry Pregerson defended himself against accusations that he had a financial conflict of interest in a pair of trademark cases on which he ruled. Read more.

State Bar Offers 2nd Annual CLE Course in Mexico The 2nd annual "Spanish Immersion and the Culture of Law in Mexico" takes place October 15-20, in Guadalajara. Register by Friday.

Board to Consider Discipline Rule Changes
The State Bar of Arizona's Discipline Oversight Committee is proposing changes to the Rules that govern the handling of lawyer discipline cases and to the Rules establishing the standards for maintaining proper lawyer trust accounts. Read more.

Participate in the Courthouse Experience
Volunteer attorneys are needed for Courthouse Experience, a program sponsored by the Judicial Branch of Maricopa County where students get a firsthand look at the justice system. Read more.

Arizona Court of Appeals
Division One
| Division Two

August 24, 2006 – CV 06-0443 – Committee v. Riffle
Did appellant fail to strictly comply with A.R.S. � 19-101(A) when it stapled rather than inserted a referendum description to its referendum petitions, thereby justifying the Wickenburg Town Clerk's rejection of the petition? Read opinion.

August 22, 2006 – 2 CA-IC - AAA Cab Service v. Kerri S. Way
Does the entry of a final award on a claim for workers' compensation benefits preclude an employee from pursuing a civil cause of action under the common law doctrines of res judicata or election of remedies when A.R.S. � 23-1024(A) specifies that a claimant forfeits the right to pursue a civil action only upon accepting compensation from the Industrial Commission? Read opinion.

9th Circuit Court of Appeals

August 31, 2006 – No. 04-16449 – Syverson v. IBM Corp.
Dismissal with prejudice of a putative class action alleging age discrimination claims against IBM is reversed and an award for IBM vacated where a waiver form used by IBM in connection with a severance benefit package was not "written in a manner calculated to be understood" by the average employee eligible to participate in the agreement. Read opinion.

August 28, 2006 – No. 05-30076, 05-30077 – US v. Larson
Defendants' methamphetamine conspiracy convictions are affirmed where: 1) defense counsel was not improperly prevented from cross-examining coconspirators; 2) there was no error in the admission of certain evidence; and 3) defendants' rights to a fair trial and due process were not violated by a denial of a request that the court seat them at the counsel table, instead of seating them directly behind their attorneys. Read opinion.

Cohen and Stevens Teach Trial Techniques
Two dynamic, experienced national speakers dissect every aspect of trial preparation at this all-day seminar on September 8, 2006. Read more.

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