Q: May I participate in another lawyer's ancillary business without imputing conflicts from the other lawyer's law practice?

A: Yes. Read Ethics Op. 06-08.

The U.S. Magistrate Judge
These judges have a wide variety of duties, but their position is often misunderstood. Read more.


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Supreme Court Strikes Down California Sentencing Law
The Supreme Court struck down California's sentencing law Monday, reaffirming limits on judges' discretion and presaging shorter sentences for thousands of state prisoners. Read more.

Top Legal Web Sites to Watch
Law.com reviews recently launched Web sites of interest to legal professionals. Read more.

New Legislation Would Make Mortgage Fraud a Felony
Sen. Jay Tibshraeny of Chandler introduces a bill that would carry a 10-year prison term. Read more.

Diversity Initiatives Benefit Legal Profession and Public in Arizona
The State Bar's Board of Governors has approved two initiatives designed to increase diversity in the legal profession in Arizona. Read more.

AZ Supreme Court Releases Annual Report
The Arizona Supreme Court has released its 2006 Report of the Judicial Branch. Read more.

Volunteers Needed for Positions on Two Commissions
The Maricopa County and the Pima County Commissions on Trial Court Appointments are seeking to fill vacancies. Apply by Feb. 2nd. Read more.

Arizona Court of Appeals
Division One
| Division Two

January 16, 2007 – 1 CA-SA 06-0114 – Goddard v. Fields
Is the Attorney General entitled to absolute immunity for allegedly defamatory statements he published in a press release? Read opinion.

January 9, 2007 – 2 CA-CV 2006-0065 – Stein v. Sonus USA, Inc.
Whether a hearing aid is an "assistive device" for purposes of A.R.S. �� 44-1351 through 44-1355, governing assistive device warranties. Read opinion.

9th Circuit Court of Appeals

January 12, 2007 – No. 02-50476 – United States v. Reynard
A decision revoking defendant's supervised release because he refused to proffer a blood sample, as required by the DNA Analysis Backlog Elimination Act of 2000 (DNA Act) is affirmed where: 1) the DNA Act does not violate the Fourth Amendment; 2) the Act does not have an impermissibly retroactive effect on defendant; 3) the Act does not violate the Ex Post Facto Clause; 4) the compelled extraction of blood under the Act does not violate his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination; and 5) the Act does not exceed the government's Commerce Clause power. Read opinion.

January 16, 2007 – No. 04-16976 – J&G Sales Ltd. v. Truscott
Summary judgment holding that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives lacked authority to issue a letter requiring a small percentage of licensed firearms dealers to submit portions of their records relating to secondhand firearms is reversed where the Bureau acted within its statutory authority under 18 U.S.C. section 923(g)(5)(A). Read opinion.

Attorneys' Fees in Arizona
Everything you need to know about attorneys' fees will be covered in a half-day seminar on Friday, Jan. 26. Read more.

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