Q: Two of our firm's three partners are certified specialists. Can we advertise that our firm specializes in that area of law?

A: A firm cannot make blanket statements about specialization without designating which specific members are certified. Read Ethics Op. 00-01.

Prosecuting at The Hague
A former federal prosecutor now works on a global stage, as he prosecutes war crimes defendants at the International Criminal Tribunal. Read more.


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Death Penalty Task Force Created
Arizona Supreme Court Chief Justice McGregor has created a task force to study the backlog of Death Penalty cases. Read more.

Government: Air Passengers Have No Recourse
JetBlue passengers are finding out there are no government regulations limiting the time an airline can keep passengers on grounded aircraft. Read more.

Midsize Law Firms Shift Recruiting Strategies
Regional schools are getting a closer look as big firms are snatching up qualified graduates as quickly as law schools can churn them out. Read more.

Admitted Without a Bar Exam
Should lawyers be permitted to practice in Arizona without taking the bar exam? Give your opinion about a petition pending at the Supreme Court to allow that. Read more.

Consumer Brochures Now Available in Spanish
To help you communicate with your clients, the State Bar's series of consumer brochures is now available in Spanish. Topics include working with attorneys, understanding wills and trusts and divorce and children. Order Form.

The Complete Lawyer: Marketing Strategies
The current issue of the Complete Lawyer focuses on marketing strategies to grow your practice. National experts share their perspectives on how to increase your visibility and attract the clients you want. Read more.

Volunteer Opportunities
The State Bar is seeking attorney volunteers for its Fee Arbitration Committee. The deadline to apply is March 30. Read more.

Arizona Court of Appeals
Division One
| Division Two

February 13, 2007 - 1 CA-MH 06-0015 - In Re MH 2006-000749
May a patient waive his right to be present at an involuntary treatment hearing pursuant to A.R.S. � 36-539 and, if so, must such a waiver be knowing and intelligent to be effective? Read opinion.

February 14, 2007 � 2 CA-CV 2006-0116 � Acosta v. Phoenix Indemnity Insurance Co.
Did an insurance company act in bad faith by refusing settlement offers from a plaintiff injured in an automobile accident when: 1) there was a legitimate issue whether its policy covered the claim, and 2) the defendant driver of the vehicle filed a bankruptcy petition before the plaintiff made a second settlement offer? Read opinion.

9th Circuit Court of Appeals

February 13, 2007 � No. 04-36021 � Phillips v. Hust
The arbitrary denial by prison officials of access to materials the prison routinely made available to inmates for the preparation of legal documents constitutes a denial of an inmate's right of access to the courts where it results in the loss of a legal claim. Read opinion.

February 9, 2007 � No. 06-50219 � United States v. Sales
Conditions of supervised release imposed on defendant as part of his sentence for counterfeiting U.S. federal reserve notes are vacated in part and remanded where: 1) a condition requiring that defendant seek and obtain approval from his probation officer before using any particular computer or computer-related device results in an unnecessary deprivation of defendant's liberty; and 2) a related search and seizure condition was also overbroad. Read opinion.

Immigration Practice Management
Your immigration law questions will be answered at this half-day seminar on Thursday, Feb. 22nd. Read more.

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