Q: My partner and I are the name partners in our law firm, but he just got suspended for 30 days. Do I have to change the law firm's name and our stationary just for his short suspension?

A: Your partner can't practice law, so to continue using his name in the name of your law firm would be a material misrepresentation. Read ERs 7.1 and 7.5.

Save time and money by expediting the creation and processing of subpoenas.

Lawyer Discipline's Changing
Significant changes are proposed to the way lawyers are disciplined. Read more.


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Verdict's in: Lawyers, Judges are Bad Drivers
Legal eagles -- both attorneys and judges -- top the list of the most dangerous drivers, according to a study. Read more.

Court Says Miranda Rights Don't Bar Requestioning
The police can take a second run at questioning a suspect who has invoked his Miranda rights, but they must wait until 14 days after the suspect has been released from custody, the Supreme Court ruled. Read more.

Judicial 'Fib' Got Arizona its Statehood
It was as if the residents of Arizona Territory collectively crossed their fingers while making a vow to President William Howard Taft that they would not allow voters to recall judges. Read more.

Law Day Save the Date - Law, Justice, and the Holocaust: What You Do Matters
Join in for this statewide lunchtime webcast on April 30. Dr. William Meinecke, from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, explores how the justice system failed Germany prior to and during WWII. Read more.

2010 Law Day Editorial Cartoon Contest
Who are the pirates of today? Students in grades 9-12 can use their wit and imagination to depict a pirate of the 21st Century for this year's Law Day contest! Read more.

Bill Tracking Assistance
To help keep members informed of new legislation, the State Bar of Arizona's Government Relations Department maintains a Web page that shows legislation of interest. Read more.

State Bar Board Seeks Public Member
One public member seat will be filled on the 30-member governing board. Open to residents outside Maricopa County. Know a qualified individual? Encourage him/her to apply. Read more.

FTC Files Notice of Appeal in 'Red Flags' Case
The Federal Trade Commission has filed a notice of appeal in the "Red Flags" case to apply the identity theft regulations to attorneys. You might remember State Bar of Arizona President Ray Hanna had written a letter to the FTC opposing the application of the rule to lawyers. Read an update on the story here.

Minority Bar Convention
Attend the Minority Bar Convention on April 15 and April 16 at the Black Canyon Conference Center in Phoenix. Read more.

Apply by April 30 for Convention Seminar Registration Fee Waiver
The State Bar is offering a limited number of seminar registration fee waivers to assist attorneys who are financially unable to attend the annual convention. Read more.

North Phoenix Bar Association Forming and Announces First Organizational Meeting
A new voluntary bar association is forming to service lawyers who office near or appear in the North County Superior Courts along the 101 corridor. Read more.

Himelic Memorial Golf Classic on April 16
The 10th Annual Himelic Memorial Golf Classic to eradicate the disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) will be held on April 16 at Omni Tucson National Golf Resort and Spa. A foundation was established after Pima County Juvenile Court Judge Jim Himelic lost his battle with ALS in 2000. Read more.

Competitive Grants
The Legal Services Corporation announces the availability of competitive grants to provide civil legal services during the calendar year 2011. Read more.

Free In-Depth Fastcase Training May Qualify for CLE Credit
Fastcase will hold online classes on March 19, April 15 and April 19 on conducting free, in-depth legal research that may qualify for CLE credit. The State Bar of Arizona offers unlimited access to Fastcase as a benefit to members. Read more.

LexisNexis® Coffee Break Webinars
They're fast, effective, and best of all - they're on the house! Choose from a menu of quick sessions and discover powerful tools and proven techniques to help your business be more efficient and cost-effective. Read more.

Arizona Court of Appeals
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| Division Two

February 25, 2010 - CV 08-0180 - Inboden v. Inboden
Upon dissolution of a marriage, may the family court divide the equity of jointly held property based solely on the relative contributions from each spouse's separate property? Read opinion.

February 18, 2010 - 2 CA-CV 2009-0124 - State of Arizona, Dept. of Economic Security v. Munoz, Jr.
Whether a child-support enforcement action is barred by former A.R.S. � 25-503(H), when neither the state nor the parent obtained a written judgment within three years of emancipation as required by that statute, but when the three-year limitation period had not yet elapsed when the statute was amended in 2006. Read more.

9th Circuit Court of Appeals

February 25, 2010 - No. 06-17161 - Doody v. Schriro
In a murder prosecution, a denial of petitioner's habeas petition is reversed where: 1) the Miranda advisement provided to petitioner, which consumed twelve pages of transcript and completely obfuscated the core precepts of Miranda, was inadequate; and 2) nearly thirteen hours of relentless overnight questioning of a sleep-deprived teenager by a tag team of officers overbore the will of petitioner, rendering his confession involuntary. Read opinion.

February 22, 2010 - No. 05-99007 - Robinson v. Schriro
In a capital habeas matter, the denial of the petition is reversed in part and remanded for a new sentencing proceeding where: 1) the state courts arbitrarily found that petitioner committed the murder at issue in an especially cruel, heinous, or depraved manner in violation of the Eighth Amendment; and 2) petitioner received ineffective assistance of counsel at sentencing in violation of the Sixth Amendment. Read opinion.


Upcoming CLE programs
Read more.

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