AzBarMail Phase Out

The State Bar of Arizona is preparing to end its 17-year run of providing members with the AzbarMail email system. As of April 1, 2018, the email platform, and associated email addresses, will be deactivated and no longer functional.

The decision to discontinue providing members with free email on the the '' email platform was based on the looming failure of the outdated IMail system, which hosts the service. Operational risks and cyber threats, along with the increase in manpower and costs required to maintain or update the system, influenced the decision to phase out the email platform. The Bar's goal of providing members with quality benefits, while advancing the profession and your practice, would be compromised.

The State Bar encourages members to take prompt action in identifying and transitioning to a new email system and has developed tools and compiled resources to help.

Get Started
Practice 2.0, the State Bar's practice management program has developed a checklist for members affected by the AzBarMail phase out. Click here to view tips and begin organizing your transition plan.

How to Transfer Files
If you will personally manage the transition to a new email system, our IT Department has developed step-by-step guides--for select platforms--to help you retain your files. They include the following printable guides:

Prefer to Hire a Pro?
While the State Bar of Arizona does not have a preferred list of vendors, it has identified IT groups that may help facilitate your transition from AzBarMail to a new email platform. Click here to view the list.

If you have questions, contact Christina Desaubin at 602.340.7387 or via email at


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