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Arizona Attorney Daily 5 offers a new way to get legal news on the fly. Shared via email, the Daily 5 delivers just what it promises: 5 items that will enrich your day and inform you about what's happening in the legal universe.

Here's how it works. When your Daily 5 arrives—every day in the mid-afternoon—it does so in a simple and easy-to-load format, on whatever device you're using. Scan the headlines and punchy summaries, and click through directly to stories you care about. If it takes you more than 2 minutes, you're doing it wrong!

Among the 5 stories we share, we'll include court opinions you'll find illuminating. And we may occasionally include a brief poll question that tells us something about our readers and that may make you smile. We imagine it'll be less about your favorite legal case and more about your favorite legal movie.

And the news stories you receive will not be picked by some legal-bot in Cleveland, Mumbai, or Kuala Lumpur. They're hand-selected by the hard-working staff of the award-winning Arizona Attorney Magazine. And that's why your legal stories may be served with a side of attitude. Because we know even when you're busy, you expect a pioneering Arizona voice.

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