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Volume 6, No. 2 | Late Summer 2016

eLegal Tech News is a member-only newsletter that offers a grouping of insightful articles related to technology and its advancements. Articles in the eLegal Tech News newsletter are intended to help lawyers understand technical issues that might affect their clients or their law practice.

In the News

The Future of Law Firms - Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Young Attorneys and Paralegals?
Experts have been working hard to perfect machine-learning capabilities to allow technology to more closely mimic the way humans think. Many of the shortcomings found in AI could eventually be overcome, thanks to the dedication of some of the best minds in science and technology, and legal practices could someday see AI moving into various areas of their firms—possibly even replacing some of the employees they have on payroll.    Read more >>


How Tech Giants Are Devising Real Ethics for Artificial Intelligence
Five of the world's largest tech companies are trying to create a standard of ethics around the creation of artificial intelligence. While science fiction has focused on the existential threat of A.I. to humans, researchers have been meeting to discuss more tangible issues, such as the impact of A.I. on jobs, transportation and even warfare.    Read more >>


You're Ethically Obligated to Understand Technology, says International Legal Technology Association
The time is now for lawyers to learn technology based on the ABA Model Rules said a panel at ILTACON.    Read more >>

Security News

How to Prevent a Security Breach
Clients trust you with personal, financial, and legal information that needs to be kept confidential. A security breach may let out secrets and proprietary information that can damage your clients' reputation, business, or finances. Worse, such an issue may not only lead to a termination of your relationship with the affected client but others who learn about it as well.    Read more >>


3 Protective Technologies Law Firms Should Implement When Emailing Unsecure Clients
A look at how encrypted email portals, ephemeral messaging and email scanning technology can protect firms from client-related cyberthreats.    Read more >>

Solo Practice Technology News

Legal Research With a 21st Century Twist
While it used to be that there were relatively few choices when it came to online legal research, times have changed. The Internet age has ushered in a new era in legal research.    Read more >>


Building A Successful Law Practice in the 21st Century
In today's competitive environment, it's a challenge for even the most qualified attorneys to maintain and grow a successful law practice. So, if you are an attorney looking to start your own practice or grow your existing practice, the question that you should be asking yourself is "how can I stand apart from the competition and effectively market myself in the 21st century?"    Read more >>

Mobile Technology News

11 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Lawyers
The legal profession is often associated with tradition: case law, legal precedent, oral arguments and law books. However, it's these very same features that allows the law to be stored digitally — and accessed from just about anywhere on the planet. As a result, there is no shortage of apps for lawyers that allow you to do just that: access what you need with the touch of a button. Click here to view the apps.    Read more >>


So, You Want to … Get the Best Mobile Email App
The best email app for your iOS or Android device is probably Microsoft's mobile version of Outlook, and it's free! Click here to learn more.    Read more >>

Social Media News

Collaboration Tools to Boost Communication
Attorneys spend much of their time on the go, often moving between the office, client meetings, and the courthouse throughout the week. Thanks to mobile technology, they can now stay in touch with their fellow attorneys and paralegals from wherever they are.    Read more >>


3 Tips for Using Facebook Events to Market Your Law Practice
If you aren't using Facebook events to market your law firm now is the time! Law firms have learned to use social media to interact with existing clients and reach out to new clients. Learn more here.    Read more >>

Software News

E-Billing Challenges From The Perspective of Law Firm Administrators
Companies that specialize in improving invoicing quality and who work with both partners and administrators in firms know that, while both constituencies share a number of common business goals, administrators tend to see different risks and challenges related to e-billing than their partner and timekeeper colleagues. This article will explore some of those similarities and differences.    Read more >>


'Extract Direct' Seeks to Put Artifical Intelligence Review in Lawyer's Hands
Seeking to scale its technology for client use, enterprise search and knowledge management company RAVN Systems announced the development of RAVN Extract Direct, an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that can read, interpret, review and extract key information from a variety of legal documents.    Read more >>

Tech Tips

Identify Your Cyber-Assets
The path to a more secure office starts with creating a simple document detailing your firm's IT assets. Click here to learn more, provided by State Bar Member Discount Provider LawPay.    Read more >>

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