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Volume 5, No. 1 | Spring 2015

eLegal Tech News is a member-only newsletter that offers a grouping of insightful articles related to technology and its advancements. Articles in the eLegal Tech News newsletter are intended to help lawyers understand technical issues that might affect their clients or their law practice.


Legal Tech Decisions – Where to Start
The right legal technology can help level the playing field for the solo and small office practitioner. However, one size doesn't fit all. Appropriate legal technology choices should take into consideration your type of practice, your existing equipment, and whether you have staff, among other things. You can learn more about legal technology at ABA TECHSHOW 2015. State Bar of Arizona members must use the Discount Code TECHSHOWEP2015. Download the registration form here.    Read more >>

In the News

Bankrupt RadioShack Wants to Sell Off User Data. But the Bigger Risk Is If a Facebook or Google Goes Bust
The demise of RadioShack left techies with one less place to congregate and buy obscure batteries and soldering equipment. And if that wasn't bad enough, now the bankrupt company is trying to sell off the devotees' data.    Read more >>


Google Meets with White House Officials Once a Week on Average
In the wake of the Federal Trade Commission's 2012 probe into Google's search practices, it's becoming clearer just how much clout the search giant has in Washington. According to visitor logs and emails obtained by The Wall Street Journal, high-ranking Google staffers, including Eric Schmidt, met with White House officials 230 times across two terms, or roughly once a week in four years.    Read more >>

Security News

Congress Wants to Open Up Vast Troves of Federal Airwaves for Your Cellphone
Every time you send a text or receive a mobile phone call, you're using wireless spectrum—invisible airwaves that transport all those bits and bytes from local cell towers to people like you and me. As more Americans become data-hungry consumers, that'll put an incredible load on the nation's cellular networks, which is why carriers such as AT&T have lately spent billions on additional spectrum to upgrade their service.    Read more >>


Hackers May Be Able to Secretly Download Malicious Apps onto Nearly Half of All Android Phones
A researcher at Palo Alto Networks has discovered a frightening Android vulnerability that could allow hackers to steal data from unknowing users. Even scarier, it could affect nearly half of all current Android users. Called the "Android installer hijacking vulnerability," the bug reportedly allows attackers to surreptitiously download apps to Android users without them knowing.    Read more >>

Solo Practice Technology News

Email Is Not the Best Solution for Collaboration
Email has been used for decades as a simple collaboration tool by millions of individuals and businesses. Many of us, however, are growing disenchanted with what we see as an outmoded communications tool: We're complaining about inbox overload, frustration and lost productivity.    Read more >>


6 Things You as a Leader Need To Know About Technology
Many leaders think that technology is just a tool to help employees better perform their jobs and that investment in the latest hardware/software will keep their company competitive in its industry. But this belief may be fatal to the companies they lead. A recent MIT study showed why.    Read more >>

Mobile Technology News

Twitter's $100 Million Live-Streaming Video App Has Arrived
Twitter has launched Periscope, an app that lets users broadcast live video recorded on their smartphone directly to their followers on social media.    Read more >>


A Review of Android for Work - Dual-Persona Support Comes to Android
Google aims for the enterprise with separate work and home data on a single device.    Read more >>

Social Media News

There's a New Type of Video Coming to Your Facebook Feed
When Facebook accidentally dumped details of its F8 developer's conference through a mobile notification yesterday, it cryptically mentioned its new so-called "teleportation station." Now, we know what the social-networking company was talking about: spherical videos.    Read more >>


How to Download Your Facebook Data
Ever wanted to download a copy of all of your Facebook activity? Concerned that you might need to archive all of your Facebook activity to ensure you're in compliance with your jurisdiction's ethical rules for advertising? Think your client's Facebook activity might be important in a lawsuit?    Read more >>

Software News

Speech Recognition and Dictation Solutions for Today's Lawyer
Ten years ago, dictation and speech recognition were clunky, inefficient, and inaccurate softwares. As the technology emerged, lawyers tried programs like Dragon Dictation, but most decided that speech solutions were not practical or worth using. Today, these softwares are much more accurate and useful for many lawyers, but maintain a similar reputation.    Read more >>

Tech Tips

Can You Pass Credit Cards Fees onto Your Clients?
Click here for the answer and more about the rules and regulations of accepting credit card payments, provided by State Bar Member Discount Provider LawPay.    Read more >>

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