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Volume 5, No. 2 | Summer 2015

eLegal Tech News is a member-only newsletter that offers a grouping of insightful articles related to technology and its advancements. Articles in the eLegal Tech News newsletter are intended to help lawyers understand technical issues that might affect their clients or their law practice.

In the News

The FCC Is Cracking Down on Annoying Telemarketers and Robo-Calls
Federal regulators are cracking down on unwanted telemarketing calls and text messages by implementing strict new rules on companies that make them and by giving Americans more ways to refuse them.    Read more >>


Uber Driver Is an Employee, Not a Contractor, California Regulators Say
California's Labor Commission has ruled that an Uber driver was an employee, not a contractor, a potentially costly precedent for the ride-sharing company. Uber unsuccessfully argued to the commission that drivers on its ride-hailing smartphone platform aren't employees, because it doesn't set their hours or force them to pick up riders.    Read more >>

Security News

3 Policies to Protect Confidential Information in the Digital Age
Gone are the days when lawyers could simply put their heads in the sand and practice law without understanding how client information is created, shared, and stored. With evolving communication and data storage technology, clients create, share, and store sensitive information—from trade secrets and intellectual property to business strategies and legal analyses—in many formats and in many places. Attorneys who are provided such sensitive client information must take certain steps to help ensure that it is kept confidential.    Read more >>


LastPass Hacked - What You Need To Do About Your Online Security
What happens when your online security is compromised? I received an email from LastPass, informing me that their team has discovered and immediately blocked suspicious activity on their network. Should you be concerned?    Read more >>


Major Mac Flaw Spills Your Passwords
Apple claims that its "Keychain" software lets people securely store their passwords on their Macs. As it turns out, hackers can pull the keys off the chain. A crucial flaw found in Macs allows a malicious app to snatch the passwords from your Keychain--or even directly from other apps.    Read more >>

Solo Practice Technology News

Document Automation Isn't the Only Disruptive Legal Technology…And What That Means for Solos & Smalls
Thanks to technology, advance directives-legal documents that specify what actions should be taken if patients are no longer able to care for themselves – are readily available. Free advance directive forms abound online at sites like this, while those who don't care to read through lengthy instructions can create an advanced directive at Legal Zoom for 39 bucks simply by checking through a couple of boxes. So isn't the story of advanced directives Richard Susskind's vision come to life: freely available, do-it-yourself legal documents that don't require a lawyer.    Read more >>


How One Law Firm Went Paperless
While putting together the Paperless Law Office E-Book, we thought, who better to learn from than a firm who went through the process? So we interviewed Andrew Kucera who was instrumental in helping move six-person Cuttone & Kucera, PC (now, Cuttone & Associates), a real estate and business law firm in Fresno, California, to a paperless operation.    Read more >>


35+ Best Lawyer WordPress Themes 2015
For a lawyer, or any other law-related company, making the best impression for your clients is very important. To help save your time and money, we introduce to you collection of the best lawyer WordPress themes with modern, clean, and professional layouts that will make sure your law firm builds trust the very minute a potential client visits your site.    Read more >>

Mobile Technology News

Apps for Safer Travel Abroad
Travel blogger Stephanie Be talks about apps to help keep you safe while traveling abroad.    Read more >>


'600 Million' Samsung Mobiles Vulnerable To Keyboard Cracking Attack
Given everything that's occurred over the last two years, Android phone owners would be forgiven for thinking major manufacturers had their backs when it came to security, especially encryption. But a serious issue affecting a default keyboard in as many as 600 million Samsung mobiles highlights just how wrong that assumption can be.    Read more >>

Social Media News

The Right Images For Blogs and Social Media
Using the right image for your blog or social media posts won't solve world hunger or cure cancer, but if you're putting content out there, you may as well do it right. The bottom line is, social photos generate more engagement. Not convinced? Twitter data scientist, Douglas Mason, analyzed millions of Tweets and determined that photos give users a 35% bump in retweets.    Read more >>


Social Media Trends - Your Summer 2015 Cheat Sheet
You may recall our social media trend list for 2014. With new networks, various updates, and advances in technology, quite a few things have changed in the world of social media since last year's list. Are you wondering what's in store for this summer? Click here for 10 trends we're excited for.    Read more >>

Software News

How Lawyers Can Use Evernote to Turn Business Cards Into Contacts With Context
A business card is useless without context. Who gave it you? When? What were the circumstances? Last year, we published the popular How Lawyers Use Evernote where lawyers shared how they use the note-taking and workspace application. Since then–and through conference seasons–I've had a few inquiries on how to use Evernote to store and meaningfully manage business cards. In other words: how to turn them into opportunities for relationships.    Read more >>


Startups Take Cloud-Based Tech Savvy to Legal Realm
To some, the phrase "legal challenges" means lawsuits. For a few Indianapolis tech startups, it has an entirely different meaning: attorney pain points and business opportunities. At least three emerging tech firms are targeting the legal space with subscription-based software, confident they can bring efficiencies to an industry heavy with clients, data and documents.    Read more >>

Tech Tips

Protect Your Firm From Chargebacks With Electronic Signatures
Add additional security and peace of mind to web-based transactions. Click here to learn more, provided by State Bar Member Discount Provider LawPay.    Read more >>

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