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Volume 4, No. 4 | Winter 2014

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In the News

2014 in Security - The Biggest Hacks, Leaks, and Data Breaches
Hundreds of millions of records have been stolen this year through hacks and data breaches as a result of poor or flawed security. Here are the most notable stories of the year.    Read more >>


22 Pictures that Prove 2014 Is the Future
You know, at least with regard to technology.    Read more >>


Iowa to Lead Digital Drivers' License Movement
Iowa plans to issue digital drivers' licenses in the form of a smartphone app by next year, Paul Trombino, director of the Iowa Department of Transportation, said earlier this week at a public state agency budget hearing.    Read more >>

Security News

Why Jennifer Lawrence's Leaked Nude Photos Should Be Important to Lawyers
In case you haven't heard, over the weekend a whole bunch of celebrities got hacked and nude photos of them leaked onto the internet. Let me just start out by saying that hacking into a celebrity's phone and stealing her nude photos is just a horrible thing. It's not a funny joke. It's not something hackers should be high fiving over. Celebrities have the right to live private lives like everyone else and they have the right to take and keep private photos. On top of the embarrassment of having their private photos available to their parents and all of their fans and every pervert with an internet connection, it could seriously damage their careers. This should be another big warning slap in the face to everyone who stores private or confidential things on the internet, especially lawyers.    Read more >>


5 Lessons Leaders Can Learn From the Sony Hacking Scandal
It almost sounds like a plot for a movie: high-powered individuals with a track record of success to back up their massive egos exchange a string of unsavory emails. These correspondences are then leaked to the public by some mysterious entity (definitely not North Korea), and chaos ensues as the public reacts and the people involved scramble to pick up the pieces.    Read more >>


Hacking After Sony - What Companies Need to Know
The massive breach at Sony Pictures has raised fears that cyber crime is outpacing corporate security and that hackers have achieved a new height of technical ingenuity in their attacks. But experts tell CBS News there's more to the story--and that while not every hack can be prevented, some of the damage can be.    Read more >>

Solo Practice Technology News

Are Lawyers Forced to Evolve?
A few months ago, I was in a deposition and the court reporter asked the other attorney if he wanted a live feed on an iPad. The other attorney, who was much older than me, made some joke about how he can barely figure out how to check his e-mail on his Blackberry and doesn't even know what a live feed is. As he made this joke, he looked at me and grinned as if I were supposed to agree with him that all this technology is just crazy and constantly bombarding us and getting in the way of us doing real lawyer things. He was almost proud of the fact that he has less of an understanding of how an iPad works than most second graders.    Read more >>


Why Attorney Websites are a Waste of Time for Most Law Firms
Let's assume there are three firms: a solo, a mid-sized firm, and a 700-attorney firm. Each has $100,000 to spend on marketing/client development. Let's further assume that none of these firms has a website. They could build a cheap one for about $2,000 or they could build a $100,000 monster, or anything in between. Let's also assume that each firm wants to maximize its return on investment by putting its time and resources into something that will yield the most client return.    Read more >>


10 Questions to Ask Before Allowing Employees to Telecommute
More than ever, people are opting out of clocking in at the office and are working from their own turf instead. One in five workers across the globe telecommute from outside the workplace, many of them from the comfort of their homes, according to a recent Ipsos poll for Reuters.    Read more >>

Mobile Technology News

Can Lawyers Embrace Wearable Tech?
Technology is changing at a rapid clip. Devices that were once a marvel less than a decade ago, like e-readers, smartphones and tablets, are now commonplace. Cloud computing is on the rise and social media use and postings, whether by parties, witnesses or jurors, is now a factor in the vast majority of cases being litigated in courtrooms across the country.    Read more >>


6 iOS Apps that Lawyers Should be Using
Two mobile-loving legal professionals share some of their go-to apps that other attorneys might want to start using too.    Read more >>


Top Legal Apps for Smartphones
If you work as a lawyer, or as any other type of legal professional, then you need to have at least a couple of mobile apps on your smartphone or tablet that pertain to the legal industry. If you do not know where to begin, we have compiled a list of the top mobile apps for lawyers in this post.    Read more >>

Social Media News

Instagram—Yet Another Social Media for Legal News and Commentary
Do we really need to add Instagram to your list of social media to use for sharing legal news, insight, and commentary? God knows it's hard enough getting lawyers to use, let alone use well, the media we all ready have — blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.    Read more >>


Social Media Platforms Are Cultures
Businesses need to show respect for each social media platform writes social media consultant and author, Jay Izso, in Entrepreneur Magazine this morning. It's all about culture. McDonalds' menu doesn’t work in India, says Izso, where for many the cow is sacred, so it's the Chicken Maharaja Mac.    Read more >>


Methods for Authenticating Social Media Evidence
A common objection to social media evidence is found under Fed. R. Evid. 901 that the material is not authentic. In that case you can look to Fed. R. Evid. 904(b)(1), authentication through the testimony of a witness with knowledge that the evidence is what it is claimed to be.    Read more >>

Software News

Why Excel Is the Most Underappreciated Program in Your Law Office
Microsoft Excel just does not get the respect that it deserves in law offices. It's underutilized and under appreciated. It's not that people don't need Excel for day-to-day use in a law office. I think the problem is that people just don't know how to use it very well.    Read more >>

Tech Tips

If You Accept Credit Cards, Can You Pass the Fees on to Your Clients?
This is a common question among attorneys. Click here for the answer and more about the rules and regulations of accepting credit card payments, provided by State Bar Member Discount Provider LawPay.    Read more >>

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